Weird – Find Love on Craig’s List???

Here is how to date on craigslist!

Craigslist???? You mean Craigslist, the place where we sell used cars and look for rentals apartment? You can find love there? No way!!! YES WAY. And here is how: continue reading

Effective Online Dating Profile Masterclass

Love online?

Online dating!
Modern, strange, fast, safe, common, weird, but reliable way of meeting hundreds of singles. From e-Harmony to Match, to FaceBook…. all the way to Craigslist (yup! even Craigslist). There are specific formulas and ways to meet people. Effective profile has all the secret ingredients. continue reading

Event For Singles – Dating is like a box of Chocolates

you never know what you gonna get


- Dating is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get! -

Join us for a FREE preview to an Effective Dating Profile Masterclass Series.   continue reading

…My husband doesn’t love me anymore…

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“…He doesn’t want me to get what I want. He is ignoring me. He thinks I’m fat. He doesn’t bring me chocolates anymore…. He doesn’t love me….”
These are four real life examples, that I have heard from four different women, in the past two days.

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Why giving a second chance can make you happier

Why giving a second chance can make you happier

Only some of have “black or white” understanding of the world. The remaining majority prefers to see other colors of the spectrum too. 3/4 are willing to be agreeable, open and forgiving. Yet, many think these qualities are weaknesses. Not so.

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Confession: Why I didn’t announce my marriage?


“What? You got married? Back in January? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you keep it a secret?……”
And many other similar questions bombarded me via private messages after I announced that we are married. Yup. Since January 23rd. Eight months of silence… but why?

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A Love Delicious Workshop!


You have a great idea, but can’t get it across? Don’t know what to do with awkward and uncomfortable conversations? Wondering how to ask for what you need? What to do when they promise and don’t follow through? continue reading

Seminar: Levels of intimacy


His warm hand on the small of your back, guiding you gently (yet firmly) through the crowd. Unexpected touch as we share popcorn while watching a movie. Playful teasing. Light conversation that continues till sunrise….. is often more intimate than…. you know… continue reading

Seminar: Are you listening?

Can you hear me???

Remember that feeling when you are talking about something very important … and he is “kinda” listening, but he is not hearing you?

Remember that feeling when she goes on and on and on…. and although you love her, all you really want is for her to stop talking and leave you alone? continue reading

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