She is clear, brilliant and a little wild…

Helena Summer & Dr. Pat Allen

She is 80 years young, fresh, unusual and brilliant. She raises eyebrows, and contributes to thousands of happy marriages! Mine included.

Introducing my mentor, one and only, Dr. continue reading

HELP! Does He Still Desire Me?

HELP! Does He Still Desire Me?

“Hi Helena,
I know I am not a Spring Chicken anymore (I’m 47), but I still want to feel desired by my husband. When I ask him about it, he said that nothing has changed and that he still loves me. He is an excellent father, continue reading

So You Found Out He Is Married…..


“…I just found out (via FaceBook) that he (the man I met on match.com) is actually married with kids. I feel like contacting his wife and telling her….” continue reading

How To Talk About STD When Dating?

How To Talk About STD When Dating?

“Hey Helena,
Can you make a video on STD? I’m 37 and have had herpes for 4 years. Haven’t been dating much because of it. I’m at the place to settle down and have a family. I can offer a good life to someone, but continue reading

Stranger Asks You Out. What Do You Do?

Someone to play with

I was walking my dog this morning and a stranger made a small talk with me, asking me out. Directly saying: “Do you want to go out with me? For a date?”
What do you think I said back to him? continue reading

5 Reasons People Cheat


It’s a secret. It happens. It remains a secret…. until it doesn’t…

….and that’s when drama, pain, confusion, regret and anger starts…
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HELP! I Got Negative Energy Attack!

“Helena, I have a question, if you can help me.
What to do when somebody transfers his/her negative energy and negativism to you? And when you feel actual physical symptoms of it, such as a cramp in your stomach and heavy pressure in your chest?”

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5 Relationship Lessons You Can Learn From a Dog

Hi-five communication

Dog is not just a pet. A partner is not just a spouse.
They are our teachers in life. They are here to show us who we are deep inside. They are here to help us became better in more ways than we can imagine.
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Before & After (Inner Makeover)


Straight to the Question I got last week.
YouTube viewer writes:

“Hi there, I saw your video about feeling ugly and changing your mind. You know exactly how I feel. One difference. You are beautiful and I am not. However, perhaps you have  some insight on how I can change my ugly thinking… thoughts?” continue reading

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