5 Relationship Lessons You Can Learn From a Dog

Hi-five communication

Dog is not just a pet. A partner is not just a spouse.
They are our teachers in life. They are here to show us who we are deep inside. They are here to help us became better in more ways than we can imagine.
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Before & After (Inner Makeover)


Straight to the Question I got last week.
YouTube viewer writes:

“Hi there, I saw your video about feeling ugly and changing your mind. You know exactly how I feel. One difference. You are beautiful and I am not. However, perhaps you have  some insight on how I can change my ugly thinking… thoughts?” continue reading

Activate Unexpected Happy Surprises

Buddha, the SharPei

Once I saw a sign: “I thought I rescued my dog, until I realized that he rescued me”. Hm… Cute, I thought, but not my reality. continue reading

Going Through Challenges?

Going Through Challenges?

Challenges and opportunities are – everywhere!
The difference is – when you are facing opportunities, stop, embrace them, take them on.
But when you are going through challenges – keep going, keep going, keep going…. continue reading

Delicious Wedding – Vows & Funky Dance

Delicious Wedding – Vows & Funky Dance

As you know, we have been officially married for a year prior to our wedding celebration. And it worked wonderfully for us. It gave us space to keep our own little personal secret, it created connection that we grew into. Also, wedding preparation was really smooth. We made it Einstein style – “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not continue reading

Weird – Find Love on Craig’s List???

Here is how to date on craigslist!

Craigslist???? You mean Craigslist, the place where we sell used cars and look for rentals apartment? You can find love there? No way!!! YES WAY. And here is how: continue reading

Effective Online Dating Profile Masterclass

Love online?

Online dating!
Modern, strange, fast, safe, common, weird, but reliable way of meeting hundreds of singles. From e-Harmony to Match, to FaceBook…. all the way to Craigslist (yup! even Craigslist). There are specific formulas and ways to meet people. Effective profile has all the secret ingredients. continue reading

Event For Singles – Dating is like a box of Chocolates

you never know what you gonna get


- Dating is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get! -

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…My husband doesn’t love me anymore…

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“…He doesn’t want me to get what I want. He is ignoring me. He thinks I’m fat. He doesn’t bring me chocolates anymore…. He doesn’t love me….”
These are four real life examples, that I have heard from four different women, in the past two days.

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