Dating is Halloween

Dating is Halloween

Halloween party – a sea of  Superheroes, Kings, Politicians, Scary Monsters, Mermaids and Sexy Goddesses.
Online dating sites – a sea of the same mythical creatures.
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Online Dating Intensive – 1 semester to fill up your dance card

Online Dating Intensive – 1 semester to fill up your dance card


The time has come – to get our graphs full of great Quality men, people who are the right match for you. In this INTENSIVE Online Dating Series, you will learn how to present your best (and worst) qualities on the Online Profile that will actually energize, refresh… continue reading

Until HE asks for exclusivity, date multiple men! Why?

The four man plan, Cindy Lu, Helena Summer Medena

If you are new to dating, use good ole (proven!) 4 Men Plan. Date multiple men at the same time, explore your options, keep your knees together and see how classy, lovely and desirable you become.

Do it until one of them INITIATES exclusive romantic relationship with you.


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Why Date People You Have NO CHEMISTRY With?

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Remember a date with a guy you had no chemistry with and you never wanted to see him again? Although he is “nice”, he is not your type, conversation is kinda boring and you are “done”.
Well, here are few reasons WHY “Duty Dating” works and WHY Chemistry” could be just a Shmemistry.

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Sexy Tool to Clear Your Relationship Issues in 25 minutes a Day

Helena Summer Medena HNL marathon 2012

So, he loves you. You love him. Things are harmonious and lovely, most of the time.
Then, at some weird point he says something inconsiderate or lame.
Now, you are hurting. You feel unsafe and cautious.

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5 Benefits of “Duct Tape Therapy”

Duct tape alternative

Silence is Golden.
Duct tape is Silver.

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The four man plan, Cindy Lu, Helena Summer Medena

“The 4 Man Plan” it’s not just fun, clean and simply mathematical way of increasing your chances to find the RIGHT man for you. It’s much more than that. The 4 Man Plan is the way of structuring your entire life!

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5 tips to look at sequestration positively?

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“There is no more money and “they” will change the way things are. We will get less work. We will get less money. We are living paycheck to paycheck already. How can we cope with it?…”
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Invitation to Yucatan Experience

Yucatan Adventure April 2013 B Rast

Years ago, most Self Development seminars were presented in the big air conditioned conference rooms. Today, I will invite you to practical life-experience-fun adventure that is empowering, interesting and pleasant at the same time. continue reading

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