Entertainment vs. Accomplishments

I will give you 2 names and you tell me what comes up to your mind when you hear them. Ready?

Serena Williams

(if you are like most people, you would probably say – Tennis, world class athlete, Champion, or you might even think of her sister Venus Williams and their Wimbledon successes that reflected sportsmanship to the whole planet)

Now… Kim Kardashian

(most people think – gold-digger, sex tape, scandals, and maybe even visualize her body parts…)

Frankly, I had to Google her to see what is she really famous for, I was looking for her accomplishments and the significance she brings to the world. Wikipidia has extensive information on Serena, and nothing I would like to be famous for, on Kim.

This video surprised me. Serena was mostly ignored and unnoticed under the shadow of Kim. Can you hear that desperate “cry-baby” voice of the teenage girls that are so needy for a drop of attention of their favorite Kim?

It shows our values. We value entertainment over substance, fame over accomplishments and temporary over lasting. Our culture is all about blingy gold. It is easy to get sucked in and forget that more gold can be mined from the minds of great people than can ever be bought on the market.

The question is – what do you value? What is one thing you can do today to share your substance with others? Do it within next 60 minutes and you will feel more enriched, more empowered, your life will become more and more Delish. Of course, Delicious life is a choice; we are free to choose that cry-baby attitude as well.

Ps. I believe that in 20 years from now, Serena will look back with a smile and be proud of herself. I am not so sure about Kim.

My crazy dream – Oprah & Tapping

Yes, I am going for it.

Oprah is looking for a new show host. Here is my video Audition. Please enjoy it, share and vote.
(Yes, you have to see it from the Oprahs website)

Click Here to watch

Simple question to ask when tapping on “Victim” feeling


Monika came to see me for an EFT session. She is one energetic lady. Athletic, focused and professional. Like many of us, she had a “life” growing up. Intense life with numerous challenges and a loss of a parent at a very young age. She survived it all. And even thrived. Yet, occasionally, the pain would surface, reminding her of all the problems she had to face in her young life. Just like we all do when we feel un-resourceful, she too was FEELING like a victim. On the scale 0-10, that feeling was 7. Very intense, yet somehow manageable.

When doing EFT tapping with a client, it is highly important to ask them about the feeling as well as the “reality” of their statements. To the question how true is the statement “I AM a victim”, she said it is completely true; 100%.  She felt as a victim at 7, but she “knew” she was a victim at 10+. Her identity was one of the victim and she felt it in her gut and chest, she just “knew” that she is a victim.

I asked her “How do you know you are a victim?”, and she responded with teary eyes… because they stole my car… in 2007… and they stole everything that was in, my documents, my home keyes, phone, clothes…. Tears were just about to slide her cheeks. We took a deep breath and start tapping.

Even though
– I feel like a victim, because I am one, I accept that feeling
– I know I am a victim, I never get a minute of rest from God, I deeply and completely accept myself
– they stole my car, and that means I am a victim, I got a new car… maybe I am not such a victim after all…

As we taped on the face and body, she started breathing better and the feeling dropped to 5. Identity to 7.  We continued:

Even though
– I love being a victim, I have been a victim my whole life, I am doing a good job at it, I still accept who I am and how I feel
– being a victim is familiar and I love it, I also love feeling calm and peaceful
– I love being a victim so much, please steal my car again….. {here was the point of laughter, she had this sweet child-like smile, sweet sigh of relief}

We didn’t tap the rest of the points, just took a deep breath and it all dropped to 3.

One last round was combination of words we used in our previous sessions and words from today. All of them were funny to her now. We tapped until she was laughing and the energy changed. It changed for good.

With a big smile on her face, she said; you know; I am really not a victim, I have overcame so much in my life, if I would be a victim, I would never survive this. She was proud of herself, she was fulfilled.

I was happy for her too.

Nest time, when doubts come, see how much you “feel” them and how much you “believe” them. Tap on it all and Liv Delicious!

“Honey” ways to relax and meditate

If you know Angela Treat Lyon, you have enjoyed her “Honey Breath” meditation.
It is just so Delish. You  will love it too.

honey dipper

A simple exercise that will help you feel great:

1. Stop right now, take a little breath just to relax a bit
2. Rest your hands in your lap
3. Uncross your legs
4. Put your feet flat on the floor (better yet, the earth)
5. Sit up straight without being rigid
6. Gaze gently and casually at the sky
7. Imagine it is as sweet as honey
8. Pretend your pores are drinking in the entire sky as you gaze & take a deep breath in through your nose.
9. Imagine, feel or think about all that sweetness completely soaking into you.
10. Allow it to fill all of you up with each breath
11. Allow the sweetness to seep back out of all your pores and watch it rejoin the sky
12. As you exhale out of your mouth, allow any thoughts, emotions or ideas you don’t like, any pain, toxins or pollutants to gently go out.
13. Just allow them to go out of you, and keep your main focus on the sweet.
14. Allow yourself to BE Sweetness.

…and Stay Delicious!

from Angela Treat Lyon

Productivity and EFT

Emails, phones, text messages, TV, request, demands, invitations…. oh la la…
If you are human being in this age and time, you probably know what I am talking about.

Although modern technology helps, it also has its side effects.
One of them is DISTRACTION. It can “thin-out” our ability to focus and thus make us less productive and therefore less confident in our ability to lead our own life.
When we do something half way, we are not beaming with joy, we are not proud of our skills and often, there is a feeling of guilt, shame or self doubt.

EFT is super effective tool for clearing up these emotions, but hey, why have them at the first place? If there is a way (and there is) to organize our environment in a way that supports us, we will get more productive. and probably ther feeling of guilt will be replaced with feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Satisfied people are pleasant to be around. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by loving and accepting friends?
And it all starts with us. Managing our lifestyle.

I am personally, very excited about checking my email twice a day, and eliminating other distractions as well.
Speak less. Communicate more.
If you want to join me in the productivity project, come on!

“I don’t want to be happy, I want to get married!”

The whole Liv Delicious movement is based on creating a life that feels good. Pleasing. Attractive. Happy. It is about inner “stuff”. Yet, we often want outer stuff first. And we want allow a drop of joy in before we get what we want.

Learn from legendary Mandy Evans (one of the people Joe Vitale calls when he feels stuck) about Happiness

Free Tapping group on Tuesdays

We are back!

Tuesday Classes in Ala Moana Building (1441 Kapiolani, ste 2003).
– Please note, we start and finish on time… so that we can be more productive in other areas!

Fee – no fee, but you can bring a friend for free:-)

Tapping World Summit is back!

If you have completed your “7 Delicious Days” Challenge, you have been tapping, using EFT for 7 days and have gotten interesting results.

Besides, EFT is well known as one of the major tools for clearing emotional blocks, anxiety, anger, past traumas or phobias, for the release of physical pain or extra pounds,
tapping is a gateway to making that happen for you.

Several years ago, I was one of the featured EFT Practitioners in the movie “Try it on everything” (The tapping solution) and now, the same folks are organizing Tapping world summit online event.

Click HERE to get your free seat

There’s no charge for this event and when you register you actually get five audios to listen to right away so that you can see the results for yourself immediately.

Last year over 80K people attended… and that is how we make this world a better place, tap by tap.

“I never get flowers for Valentines…”

Valentines can be fun, but not for "Sally", she gets no flowers, no candy…
He has hurt, heartbreak, pain and no hope.
Will she be able to turn it around?
Will she Liv Delicious?

Enjoy this video of the speech I gave on Wednesday. Its funny, yet serious.

How to Love when life is bitter? from Helena Summer Medena on Vimeo.

“How to use Power Words to create love?”


What are the Power Words and ways to use them to experience deeper love?
You will surprise yourself when you discover the true meaning of your words.

Free tapping class in Honolulu, seating limited.
1441 Kapiolani, Ala Moana building ste 2003

Tuesday, Feb 9th  at 6:05 pm

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